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The school provides a balanced, all encompassing education by integrating the academic with arts, culture and sport.

To encourage children to think independently, to be passionate about what they wish to do, to value excellence. To be a learning mode all their lives. With knowledge, confidence, compassion and cheer, children must proceed to make the world a better place than they found it.

Students are empowered to meet future challenges and to develop social awareness, civic responsibility, and personal growth so they will be active and informed participants in the global community.

The school provides a unique learning experience through a wide selection of cultural activities such as celebrations of National festivals like Independence Day and Republic day and festivals Navratri, Christmas. On the days of national festivals The Nation is hoisted Flag, patriotic songs are song, short skits are acted or speeches on freedom fighters given etc. The school stage also provides a platform for budding actors, singers, dancers, orators.

Besides these there are co – curricular activities such as dramatization of a textual lesson or acting out poems, debates on current topics , Just a minute, Cooking without fire, quiz.

Children’s Day as well as Teacher’s Day is also celebrated. On Teacher’s Day , the students of std X and XII conduct classes throughout the day.

The school organizes a Sports Day every year when students show their skills on the play ground and learn true sportsmanship.


​“I Will and I Can” – this is the motto of Little Flower School. This is the motto which the students and the staff of the school follow. It has always been the aim of the school management and the teachers to see that each and every student of the school keeps this goal in mind, that whatever task they are confronted with, they will never run away from it but instead face it with the motto of the school that ‘I will do it because I can do it’.